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A quarterly magazine of urban affairs, published by the Manhattan Institute, edited by Brian C. Anderson.

  • Beyond Woke—a Return to Lincoln?

    A new educational model reminds us that classical liberalism produces better outcomes.
  • Ancestor Appreciation Day

    July 4 should be an occasion for Americans to put aside the punitive memory of grievance and embrace the reverent memory of gratitude.
  • American Trailblazer

    Though mostly remembered for his folktales, Washington Irving authored a broader catalog that offers timely lessons for today.
  • Tammany at Gettysburg

    Though best known as a notorious political machine, Tammany Hall also raised the 42nd New York Infantry Regiment, which fought bravely in major eastern battles of the Civil War.
  • Colombia Goes the Way of Venezuela

    As socialism makes a political comeback, the U.S. would do well to pay more attention to Latin America.

experiments in refactored perception

  • What is a Life?

    It’s an odd question, but what is a life? A good scoping definition to start with is: life is the objectively observable and subjectively experienceable existence of a living being over its lifetime. While helpful, this is a bit like saying a liquid is the contents of a tank that can hold that liquid. But […]
  • Storytelling: Mediocre Metamodernism

    As I continue my own experiments with fiction, I have been thinking lazily about metamodernism. By which I mostly mean I recently re-read David Foster Wallace’s E. Unibas Pluram, read the Wikipedia page, caught up with Shia Laboeuf’s shenanigans, and have kinda primed myself to notice mentions of the term (it has been trending on […]
  • Infirmity

    My 18-year old cat (around 80-100 in human years) is teaching me about infirmity and providing a sneak preview of my own future. He can no longer run but he can sort of hurry-walk. He can no longer jump, but he can just about manage to clamber up on the couch with a sort of […]