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Briefs (cont’d)




A quarterly magazine of urban affairs, published by the Manhattan Institute, edited by Brian C. Anderson.

  • Tritium Panic in Minnesota

    Once again, a minor incident at a nuclear plant provokes unwarranted fears.
  • Socialized Housing

    In Albany, far-left legislators pursue a Good Cause Eviction law, which would effectively amount to seizing ownership of 4 million privately owned rental units.
  • Oh, Rats

    In Paris, champions of the surmulot impede public pest control.
  • A Covid Postmortem

    Though well positioned to weather the pandemic, California instead pursued disastrous restrictions and cracked down on dissent.
  • One Bank, Indivisible

    Government decisions are making America into a nation of big banks, and only big banks.

experiments in refactored perception

  • Report Cards

    As a kid, through most of middle and high school, I got good grades. I stayed comfortably near the top of the class without working too hard, and more importantly, without explicitly aiming to be there. I got good grades not because I “studied” conscientiously, but because I enjoyed most subjects enough that chaotic nerd […]
  • Summer of Protocols

    A quick post about a thing I’m up to. This summer, I’ll be running a program called the Summer of Protocols (SoP) that will fund a bunch of full-time and part-time researchers to think broadly about, tinker with, and write about protocols. The scope is broad. Everything from climate and cultural protocols to TCP/IP and […]
  • Salt-Seeking

    I can’t remember where I read the theory, but apparently the salinity of our bodies matches that of primordial seas, so in a sense we never really left the oceans. Our micro-organic aquatic ancestors simply constructed meatbag spaceships with artificial life-support aquatic environments inside to explore beyond their oceanic home world. Much as we might […]